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Synthetic Turf FAQ's

Q: Why Woody's Landscaping for Artificial Turf?
A: Woody's Landscape prides it self in having tge best product at the best price. We offer discounts on artificial Turf. You can buy it from us or have us install it for you.

Q: Is the Artificial Turf environmentally friendly?
A: Absolutely yes, some of our products are 100% recycled which is great for the environment.

Q: How easy to clean is it?
A: It is very easy to clean your artificial grass. All you have to do is blow the leaves off, pick up animal waste, and hose it off when it needs it. You can also brush it with a stiff broom as needed especially in high traffic areas to keep it beautiful.

Q: Will weeds grow through Synthetic Turf?
A: You won’t have to worry about weeds growing through your synthetic turf. The backing is solid enough to keep out all unwanted seeds.

Q: How much money can I save in water by replacing my grass with Synthetic Turf?
A: If your lawn is 2000 square feet, then you will use around 62,222 gallons of water annually, synthetic turf requires zero water to maintain. No more sprinklers, no more broken pipes, just beautiful synthetic turf all year round that looks like realistic grass!

Q: Will there be any rebates if I choose Synthetic Turf?
A: More than likely yes there will be rebates available to you if you install synthetic grass. Check with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the Municipal Water District of Orange County.

Q: Will the color of the Synthetic Turf fade?
A: It has built in fade resistant UV protection that will decrease the chances of your synthetic turf fading. You will have varying lengths of fade-protection guarantees from the brand manufacturer of your synthetic turf.

Q: What are rabbits, squirrels and gophers going to do to my Synthetic Turf?
A: Well, none of these animals will be eating your grass anymore; any more dead patches or bare spots! There is no macrobiotic sustenance for feeding on so you won’t attract small animals any longer, the result of this…? No more bugs living in your lawn, say goodbye to expensive and dangerous pesticides!

Q: Does it take a long time to install Synthetic Turf? How soon after installation can it be ready for use?
A: Synthetic grass is very quickly installed depending on how large an area you want to cover and what the conditions of the area are like.

Q: How long will Synthetic Turf last before it needs to be replaced?
A: This answer depends on how highly trafficked the area you are installing is. With the appropriate care and maintenance your synthetic turf will last many many years.

Q: There are so many different types of Synthetic Turf to choose from, how will I know what to choose?
A: Nothing is more important than picking the right synthetic turf; Woody will bring you samples that will illustrate what artificial turf will look like in color and feel. Based on his experience, he will make recommendations that will eliminate any concern or confusion of exactly what type of durability will best meet your synthetic turf needs.

Q: If the backing is so strong, will water pool on top of the Synthetic Turf?
A: No, we will install a good drainage system (if necessary) so that your synthetic turf will absorb any liquids and will drain efficiently.

Q: Are there going to be any seems in my Synthetic Turf?
A: This is where it becomes very important for you to hire a professional to install your synthetic turf. It’s very difficult to match each seems perfectly so you’ll want to hire a contractor you trust to do a good job with your artificial turf.

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