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Synthetic Grass installation FAQ's

Q: Is Synthetic Grass right for me?
A: Synthetic grass saves money and labor right from the start, the upkeep is so minimal for artificial lawn that you will love not having to mow, water or fertilize all the time. With water rates that will "necessarily skyrocket"
your synthetic grass is going to benefit you BIG time. You'll never have to get new lawnmower blades because you won't be mowing the grass on Saturday mornings anymore, your synthetic grass will look fresh and well kept all year round with minimal maintenance.

Synthetic grass, if installed properly will last you for years and years.
Your new synthetic lawn will look beautiful 365 days per year without all the ups and downs that weather and drought trouble your lawn with. You won't ever have to water your synthetic lawn, you'll never mow it, the fibers in synthetic grass are fade resistant, the length of the lawn is kept trim and short so you'll never have to edge, and of course you'll never have to fertilize your synthetic lawn.

Pet owners and parents often opt for synthetic grass because it's healthier on pets and children. Think about it, you're not longer using dangerous pesticides that are harmful to the body and the environment. It's also the greener choice for homeowners because synthetic grass completely eliminates the need for a gas powered lawn mower and trimmer.

You will be shocked at how much money you will save each year by installing synthetic grass, you'll save water, time, equipment, labor, pollution, no more pesticides, replacing broken equipment and much more! Most people don't realize how much money they waste on their lawn only to have it looking poor most of the time. Synthetic grass eliminates all these hassles, and you only have to install it ONCE!

Q: How does Synthetic Grass affect my property value?
A: Synthetic grass is one of the best value-add-ons a homeowner can invest in. It does depend on what type of synthetic grass and how it is installed; if you live in Southern California then you know the value of saving water, well so do future owner of your home. Synthetic grass has also proven to add value to the curb appeal of your home. Woody only uses the most beautiful and practical real-looking synthetic grass to complete your Southern California home or property. Synthetic grass has been such a huge money saver that tons of builders, HOA's, sports fields and golf courses are regularly using it instead of regular grass which gets muddy in the winter and brown in the summer.

Q: Does Synthetic Grass require a lot of maintenance?
A: In one word, no. Just keep it clean, the worst your synthetic grass is going to look is by how many leaves blow onto your yard. Just use a leaf blower or a rake and you're done, your synthetic grass will look good as new! Occasionally your Southern Californian lawn might need to be "fluffed"
for the high traffic areas; a stiff broom will do the trick!

Q: How will my dog react to Synthetic Grass?
A: Many dogs have natural reactions to real grass due to the pesticides used to kill bugs; with synthetic grass you won't have the pesticide problem anymore! Think about it, your dog eats, plays and lies on chemicals that are designed to "kill" bugs and unwanted weeds. Over 80% of synthetic grass owners are dog lovers and dog owners. Your synthetic grass will drain easily and any animal droppings can be picked up easily without it getting spread around through soggy or muddy patches which just spread bacteria. Female dogs urination won't leave dead patches anymore and your dog can play and rough-house on the synthetic grass without you having to worry about them digging through the synthetic grass backing. Mud tracking paws through the house are now a distant memory!

Q: Can my kids play on Synthetic Grass?
A: Of course they can! It's so much healthier for your kids to play on synthetic grass too for exactly the same reasons it is more beneficial for your dogs. No more pesticides! When your kids fall and scrape their knees you don't want chemicals getting to your kid before you do! With synthetic grass you won't have to worry about harmful agents infecting your kid! You also won't have to worry about your kids destroying your synthetic grass, it's extremely durable and built to last!

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