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Retaining Walls Tips:

Retaining walls are the useful for leveling hilly areas or even as a wall between two properties. Retaining walls can be built out of any virtual solid material such as slump stone, cinder block, celtik walls etc: and can be used for almost any purpose such as garden walls, planters, or just holding mass amounts of soil and ground in place.
If you're building a garden retaining wall, you might want to consider using a segmental block retaining wall . Retaining walls not only serve the functional use necessary for "retaining-walls" but they can also be an extremely attractive additive to your landscape design. Retaining walls are evolving and the aesthetics' are only improving, if you are looking for interlocking segmental blocks, you won't need any mortar which will give your retaining wall a complicated professional look.

If you are looking to create a nice decorative touch to your landscape you can choose between many different stone material including, slump stone, cinder block, celtick walls etc: depending on the different type of material you choose your outcome will be effected. You can use celtick walls to give your property an old world and really bring elegance to your design, or use slump stone to line a planter along your driveway. No matter what you choose to go with retaining walls will increase the strength of your planters. Each stone will bring about a different feel to your property. Cynder block for instance is less aesthetically pleasing but really functional for tall walls.

The mortar-less walls are designed specifically for shorter retaining walls rather than taller retaining walls. These types of walls can add a nice decorative touch to a landscape or hardscape design by reducing the look of hard borders and instead replacing hard edges with sloped terraces and curves. No matter what type of block or brick you choose to go with slump stone, cynder block, celtick walls, garden walls etc: you will be able to incorporate a lip edge which will give your wall the look and feel of a step.

By filling in the cavity behind an interlocking slump stone, celtick wall, cynder block, garden wall, or just regular retaining wall with soil or earth, it will press the interlocking paver joints into...

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