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The right landscape plants and trees for your property

Woody’s Landscape has been in business for many years which is an advantage to you when selecting a landscape contractor to install your plants and trees. There are different types of design inspirations when you are planning your landscape plants and trees. We’ve listed some of them below:

Tropical Plants include shade plants and full sun plants. When you think of a tropical landscape you think of Hawaii, the South Pacific and the tropics. When there is humid conditions tropical gardens and landscape thrive. Living in the San Fernando Valley we have to do some improvising to create the conditions needed for tropical plants to thrive. Since our climate is hot and dry here in the San Fernando Valley we can substitute with some of the traditional plants you think of when thinking of a tropical landscape with, Birds of Paradise, Giant Birds of Paradise, we can use the Hardy Fiber Banana, palm trees in many different varieties, or the Hibiscus trees and shrubs to create the tropical look and feel. One thing that is important when creating a tropical landscape is to plant your garden in densely. Dense plants without a lot of space, you can achieve the jungle tropical look and appearance. Woody’s Landscape can create a wall so to speak, we can plant in layers to enhance the topical look. Another element to a tropical landscape is bright colors, this can be achieved with flowers, shrubs and trees.

More elements of a tropical garden are, rustic thatched roofed umbrellas, gazeboes, or outdoor bars. If you incorporate rattan and teak furniture with bright cushions it will add to the feel of your tropical landscape. Accessories that work well with the tropical landscape are tiki torches, wooden or stone carvings, and glazed pots. Outdoor showers work well with our warm climate, and they can be permanently installed or they can be portable. You will feel like you are in a warm tropical rain....Ah the joy of vacationing in your own back yard!!!

Contemporary Gardens tend to be simple and work well with smaller yards and tend to be water wise. They are great for town homes, condo’s and small areas. Plants that are dwarf varieties that grow well in containers can be great focal point the the modern garden. Many times when planting a contemporary garden it will tend to have a upright element to it, plants may be planted in a row to create a hedge effect. Containers are used often with just a single plant that is neat and tidy, an example of this would be a topiary or trimmed boxwood, and upright plant that was chosen because it was a dramatic looking plant, like phormium or agave. Various grasses are often used such as Bowles Golden Sedge, Fountain Grass,or Mondo Grass. When accessorizing, you will want to consider using slick pots with clean lines, the lines can be square or cylindrical, metal with or without patina should be considered. Sphere are used in contemporary gardens they can be made out of concrete, ceramic, or metal, even glass, why not use a recycled colored bowling ball.

Classic Gardens are comprised of variations of different elements such as fountains, water falls or pond-less waterfalls. Pavers may be an element in a classic garden, along with pea gravel, both will add interest and texture to your garden. In a classic garden you might see trellage which are laths and will create a screen if placed strategically. Classic plants include those with strong form and those that are lush and softer. Boxwood hedging and cypress are plentiful in classic gardens along with roses which will add color here in the San Fernando valley 8 to 9 months out of the year.

Whatever your landscape style Woody’s Landscape is experienced in installing all your plant and trees to suite your specific conditions. Call today for your free appointment 818-992-8487.

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