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Installation of sprinkler and irrigation systems including sprinkler repair and installation of automatic sprinkler timers is something Woody's Landscape is an expert in and been doing for years.

Most homeowners and commercial properties have some sort of landscaping, it could be trees, shrubs, grass, having a properly installed irrigation system will save money and conserve water. If you are in Southern California and the San Fernando Valley area, then you know how expensive water bills can get, therefore you need to regulate exactly how much water you want flowing through your yard at all times. A broken or badly constructed irrigation system can cost you thousands in the long run, especially with the Southern California water prices.

Water is crucial to maintaining a beautiful yard or property, unfortunately water is also one of the most expensive resources and paying the LA- DWP (if you’re in the San Fernando Valley) can be very painful at the end of every month, that’s why you must have a dependable sprinkler system. A faulty sprinkler system will only lead to money going down the drain literally. You need a irrigation system that is reliable all year round, if it’s not dependable especially in the hotter summer months, then you could be spending unnecessary money replacing dead plants.

Your plants and shrubbery will die from both over watering or under watering, there are various types of sprinkler systems available to choose from that will meet your needs. You’re not going to need a golf course watering system if your lawn consists of a typical size back or front yard. Don’t overdue your watering system, it doesn’t need to be complicated. If your yard is constantly flooding due to a broken irrigation system then having an expensive water bill might be the least of your problems, erosion, plant drowning are common side effects of a broken sprinklers.

An irrigation system is not something that should be put in as an afterthought; irrigation repair should be taken seriously and not put off to repair for a later date. Whether you are installing landscape for a commercial or residential property, you should carefully consider your irrigation system. Especially if you are in Southern California where the water prices are high and the sun is hot, you need to have complete faith in your sprinkler system. That is were having a professional like Woody’s Landscape comes in. We have been installing irrigation systems for over 25 years. We design your system to accommodate, your water pressure, taking into consideration what the area is used for such as grass, or planters, size and scope of the area to be irrigated. Little things make a difference when installing a proper irrigation system. Many times small things will be overlooked like having the sprinkler along the parkway spray towards the walkway so that your car will not constantly be hit with the sprinklers and thus leaving hard water deposits. Some times the little things matter.

Your sprinkler system doesn’t need to be elaborate or highly complex.

Your irrigation system needs to be built into your project, and sprinkler repair should be handled seriously to avoid more costly repercussions. If your plants grow and thrive due to an accurate amount of nutrients and water being distributed through your sprinkler system, then you won’t be paying to replace plants that have wilted. Also if you have a trust worthy sprinkler system you won’t be worried that in the middle of the night that a pipe might burst and you would be waking up to a flooded property and a huge bill at the end of the month, especially if you are in the Southern Californian San Fernando Valley area where water rates are really expensive. To have your irrigation system done right the first time contact us here at Woody’s Landscape and take advantage of our years of experience.

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