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Woody's Landscape can customize a landscape drainage system for your needs.

Installation of a Landscape drainage system.

When water doesn’t flow away from your home or if it puddles around your home, the simplest way to remove the water is to install a drainage system.  Because of the serious damage puddling water can do the best solution is to put in a drainage system.

There are many different types of drains that can be installed to remove the water from your property.  Some of the different types of drains are, french drains, channel drains, round great drains, catch basin drains, pipe drains, square grate drains, lawn and landscape drains, sump pumps, and even swells to remove the water from your property. Woody’s Landscape has the knowledge and expertise to know which drainage system is best for your particular property needs.

French drains are typically used close to a home where you do not have the ability to
grade the property and they can cover a long area.  French drains are a quick way to remove water from next to homes and buildings out and away from the structure.  They can be used by pools, driveways, and walkways.  The grate covers for French drains come in different colors to match the decor of your property weather they are installed in cement, pavers, or even along grass areas.

Sump Pumps are used when you are trying to remove water from an area that is below the grade of where you want the water to flow to.  Many homes install sump pumps for areas in yards, patios and the like because water collects but has not where to go, this is when you would put in a sump pump.  Sump pumps effectively remove the water so that the area in question stays dry.  Sump pumps can have floats so that the pump is triggered by the float to come on and off.  Sump pumps are an easy fix to what can be a damaging problem.

Swells are used out doors in the landscape in areas that have hills.  Instead of having a hillside slide down when there is heavy rain, a swell is installed and the swell redirects and help remove the water to help with erosion control.  Swells look like open shallow ditches and can run horizontally or vertically. Swells are usually made out of cement and therefore are easy to remove any derby that may collect on them from water run off.

Under Ground Drains are a series of drain pipes that are underground with the surrounding dirt/grass graded to grates that will catch and remove the water. Grates come in different sizes and shapes.  They even come in different colors to help them blend in with the surrounding terrain.

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