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Artificial grass putting green installation

Artificial grass putting green installation

If you are a golf enthusiast having a putting greens made out of artificial grass  sometimes called synthetic grass finally are now affordable to have in your back yard.  A putting green is important to your game and having the ability to step out into your back yard and be ready to practice your putting at any time, is not only a convince but saves you money.

Having an artificial putting green eliminates the meticulous mowing with a special real mower. The lose grass that interferes with your putting ability will not be a problem with your artificial putting green. All the watering, especially during the hot dry summer months are not an issue with artificial putting greens. You will not be effected what so ever if water conservation measures are put into place causing your putting green and investment to die.

Artificial grass “putting greens” are typically used for putting on a golf course or in your back yard, it’s made of artificial turf or synthetic grass instead of real grass, it even has some yellow and brown flakes painted in so the artificial lawn looks like REAL grass! All serious golf players know the importance of field conditions aka “artificial turf excellence and lawn care”, and every non-professional golf player need every edge they can get.  The grass must be trimmed precisely, cut very short and stiff. Just a few minor “lawn conditions” can make the difference between a great game and an so-so game, that’s why using artificial turf is a great time/money saver.  With advancements in technology what you see now is not Astor-turf but a well designed artificial grass that doesn’t need water and can drain rain water very well, no more soggy patches.

Simply laying in Synthetic putting greens will be the solution to the problems many golf course owners face. The constant barrage of mowing the greens with precision is an ongoing maintenance problem is expensive for owners, as is plenty of watering particularly during the summer months, water bills are so outrageously high that anyone looking for ways to improve their property and save money should use artificial grass. Golf courses are not the only places to enjoy artificial grass and artificial turf and will save you money whether you have an expansive property such as a golf course or just a private small back yard. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy the benefits of an outdoor synthetic putting green in their yards; you’ll be able to practice anytime you want. With an at home artificial putting green you can putt around whenever you want! Many golfers have bought indoor grass pads, but that’s not real training, that’s just pushing a ball around on a grass pad. Using artificial turf in your back or front yard will be as realistic as a true putting green. Once you experience how much better it is to practice on artificial turf you won’t ever settle for less! Synthetic putting greens look and feel like real grass, only without the occasional soggy spots, and high-maintenance. Unless you’re told that it’s synthetic lawn, the passerby won’t even be able to tell, until wintertime when it’s still just a green! Once you see the difference between artificial turf and putting mats you’ll instantly be able to look and feel how superior the artificial turf is and understand how it can actually improve your game. If you were to mow a spot in your yard, cut it really short, manicure it perfectly you still won’t be able to get the exact feel of a true artificial putting green, but if you use synthetic grass in your backyard, you will be using what the professionals use, only it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, it will SAVE you money! Artificial grass won’t lose its shape, or fade in color or feel. It’s long lasting and will truly make your your game better, decreasing your water bill, cutting down on the labor of mowing, and will improve your game. Synthetic lawn drains are simple, efficient and the lawn drains very easily, so if you have dogs that use the grass for other reasons than “putting” don’t worry, artificial turf putting green is easy to clean, just hose it down and you’re done! Artificial putting greens make golf much more fun because it enhances the player’s ability, you’re score will depend on your ability to hit the ball, not on the lawn condition. 

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