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Why install interlocking brick pavers

Pavers come in many different styles and can even be made from different types of material. This article will address the benefits of clay pavers only. Other types of materials used for pavers will be discussed in other articles.   

Durability and Strength
Clay brick pavers have an amazing ability to support extremely high traffic areas. They can be used in many different areas of landscape design. Some of their most popular uses are: pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, planters and driveways.

Flexible Integrity
Clay pavers are a perfect solution to fighting the seismic activity in California. As opposed to poured concrete which doesn't move with earth movement, pavers are held in place because of their interlocking system. Clay pavers are formed to fit together and interlock, they are also grouted with a type of sand which fills in the cracks. Clay pavers are the ideal solution to fighting against the cracking of traditional concrete.    

Long Term Cost Benefits
One of the best features about clay pavers is their ability to be repaired and recycled. For example, if your car leaks oil in the driveway, returning your driveway to its original state is simply a matter of popping out the out pavers and replacing it with new ones! Think of pavers as if they were a large puzzle, take one piece out and put a new piece of the same size and shape back in! A good mason will leave you a supply of pavers for this reason.

Non-Slip Surface
Another wonderful feature about pavers is their slip resistant surface! This is due to their highly abrasive surface. Clay brick pavers are an excellent solution to high traffic areas that may become wet. Because of this, they are commonly used around pools, pathways and other outdoor areas that may become wet.

Fast Installation
In contrast with concrete, pavers are much more weather friendly when it comes to instillation. Pavers can be installed in pretty much any type of moderate weather. The installation process is relatively simple and the pavers are ready for any type of traffic instantly! 

Environmental Responsibility
Clay pavers are derived from the earth's material-this means that there is no amount of weathering that will make it lose its color! Its ability to maintain itself long term makes this a great investment in your property!

Color Integrity
Clay pavers retain their color consistently and permanently, the color penetrates the body of the paver. This is important because it means that it will not be negatively affected by any form of ultraviolet light. The beauty of the individual paver is natural because no pigments or dies are added to its color. This is one of the reason's clay pavers are so popular, they never fade!

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