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Outdoor living California style include, outdoor kitchens, patios, BBQ's, patios covers

Here in Southern California we live outdoors as much as we live indoors. As Californians’ we live outdoor for many reasons, one being the weather allows us to do all sorts of entertaining outdoors, we can keep the family together or entertain friends in our outdoor living area. No matter what we end up doing outdoors we will for sure be entertaining with food so building an affordable cost saving outdoor kitchen is just the ticket!

Would a beautiful grilling area, warming drawers, bar, refrigerator, or outdoor pizza oven enhance your social gathering?

What about and outdoor fire place? Yes, we thought so too! What if you could get the exact outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted AND it saved you lots of money by reducing your power bill? You would be pretty happy about this new outdoor kitchen right?! Well, that’s what we can do for your power bill by meeting your outdoor kitchen, outdoor living, outdoor TV viewing, and outdoor reading room needs!  

If you are looking for ways to save lots of money on your power bill, then you’re going to want the long term savings benefits of building an outdoor living area and kitchen! If you build an outdoor kitchen you will save all the money you would have spent, during the expensive summer months on indoor cooling and air-condition. By adding an outdoor living area you will be effectively adding to the square footage of your home by having more livable space. You will get enjoyment out of your new outdoor living area, extra square footage, and even extra home value. Woody’s Landscape and Masonry can make your back yard dreams come true.

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