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10 easy ways to fix up our outdoor living space

  1. Use color to spruce up your outdoor kitchen/patio area. If you have an outdoor deck it’s really simple to add dashes of color that match seasons, just get some throw pillows and a colorful afghan. The easiest way to jazz up your outdoor deck if you don’t want to buy expensive pillows is by using colorful candles.. Sometimes it only means investing in a few accent pieces that make a bold statement and your outdoor living space look professionally arranged.
  2. Before you begin, clear off all the “blow away items” and all the big items on your outdoor living space/ deck or patio and give it a good hose-down. Try painting your outdoor kitchen/ patio or deck in colors that match the exterior of your house or fence posts. Most people don’t realize how forgiving their outdoor living space really is… if you hate it, then change it! You can edge the trim of your deck or washout the whole outdoor deck in one color!
  3. Outdoor living spaces such as decks and outdoor kitchens are for socializing, you can be ready for any type of entraining. The addition of metal furniture is inexpensive and comes in lots of great colors. Place a colorful bar cart in the corner and load it up with bright acrylic glassware.
  4. To enhance the look and feel of your outdoor kitchen, deck, or patio be sure to give your old wicker furniture a facelift by painting it in bright sunny colors. Be sure to use matching or contrasting fabrics to really bring your outdoor living space to life!
  5. Want to decorate the ground? Put something pretty in the corner? Measure the size of your outdoor patio or deck and find a metal bucket, paint it bright blue or orange and add a vine pattern on the outside. CHECK IT OUT, now you have a fancy ice-bucket for all your coolers. Remember to use food safe paint, or just don’t let your food come into contact with the bucket, use it as a cooler instead!
  6. Your outdoor patio, deck, and outdoor kitchen can be designed with themes! Did you ever think of that! Use themes such as the seashore, or ranchero, by incorporating fishes or the occasional boots and spurs as patio accents for your outdoor living space! Remember, your outdoor kitchen, deck and patio are an extension of your home, so put fun and love into decorating it to meet all your social needs.
  7. Even if your outdoor living space has a few ugly spots you can get really creative… if you look out over your outdoor deck and see an ugly brown shed, put a pretty flower box on it to spruce it up!
  8. If you want to enjoy your outdoor living space in the evening then you’re in luck! Incorporating night lighting into your outdoor kitchen barbeque, or line your patio deck with pretty rope lights. There’s no reason you have to stop the fun when the sun sets!
  9. If you’re a big fan of the sentimental furniture that you don’t really want to get rid of, put it outside on your patio!  Remember, this is your new outdoor living space that means you’re going to spend your time out here living outside! So do whatever you want! What to do with the ugly vinyl furniture that's still in great shape, but you hate to get rid of? Just use paint specially formulated for vinyl furniture, and a few new cushions, you can even make your old chairs look brand new.
  10. Now, your outdoor living space will look much better when you tie in your barbeque pit with your outdoor kitchen with your outdoor patio and deck… keep in mind that the eye travels, so you don’t want to mesh too many themes together. Pick one and do it right!

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