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Benefits of installing artificial grass

Artificial turf

The Grass is Greener on Our Side of the Fence 365 days a year:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a lawn that didn’t mold, get brown spots, grow weeds, need fertilizer, mowing, seeding, or sodding? –Everyday is a good day for your artificial turf.

Artificial grass saves money for homeowners in multiple areas besides just saving water. You won’t ever need to hire a gardener, or use pesticides again, and your synthetic grass it WON’T FADE!

Water Bill Getting the Best of You?:

Artificial grass will save an average homeowner 22,000 gallons of water per year for a 750 sq ft yard. An artificial grass lawn can reduces water uses for residential homes up to 70%. No matter the size of your yard, synthetic turf will pay for itself in no time and you will be banking the savings! Go green!

Rebates (While Funding Lasts):

Saving water can make you money! Water companies are offering rebates while funds last (get your artificial turf NOW). You’ll never waste money watering your new artificial turf! EVER AGAIN!

Got chemicals?:

Synthetic grass eliminates bugs, chemicals, and pesticides. Artificial grass has many health benefits to both your children and your pets! Some homeowners have correlated lesser trips to the vet (for pets) and doctor (for children) with having artificial grass instead of sod. By switching to artificial turf you will be reducing air, and noise pollution, and reducing green waste.

Killing It is Easier Than Keeping it Alive:

Artificial Turf (also known as artificial grass, synthetic lawn, and synthetic grass) adds tremendous curb appeal to your home. Penn State University, Department of Landscape and Architecture estimate the recovery value of your investment to be between 100-200 percent when applied to a home’s resale value!

Durability, it keeps going….and going…and going….:

If you have any pets then you know how pet urine effects sod. With synthetic turf you will never have dry patches, dead spots, thin areas from shade, or wear and tear again. Artificial grass looks fresh all the time, drains better than real grass (yes, synthetic turf even drains pet urine) and saves you tons of money you would have spent in re-sodding and seeding. Depending on which type of artificial grass manufacture you choose your synthetic lawn can last anywhere from 20+ year life expectancy. If you have dogs, rabbits, or gophers you will never have to worry about their abuse destroying your artificial turf.

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